My name is Svetlana Nazarova. Here I want to share my inspiration for personal growth and the idea behind my work – Mind and Body integration.

We all have our traumatic personal stories to tell, which stem from our life circumstances and our attitudes. Whereas it is hard to change anybody’s background we can change the now.

Mind and Body integration is a body-oriented psychotherapy which allows working with feelings which arise in the moment, during the therapy.  It is designed to make the most profound shift in the person’s behavioural patterns and images: from victimised to empowered ones.  This is when the commonly used nowadays phrase ‘we are creators of our own reality’ becomes not just words but is felt in the body. The coin drops as they say. It is the process of reclaiming one’s fully felt life back.

Mind and body integration therapy goes beyond a conversation, it helps to turn the person’s  inner eyes and senses to the feelings unfelt, hidden from oneself especially at the times when one’s inner life is frightened or cornered. It helps to find one’s own truth, trust one’s impulses, restore wholeness, get in touch with the instinctive psyche, which as in art resides in the gut, not in the head. This is the source of dreams, passion, and poetry.

It makes me very touched and truly happy to see how people in the course of the therapy drop their victimisation and wishful thinking, start feeling their inner power, grow in a natural way and to their natural depths and become braver in dealing with everyday ‘givens of life’.

It can start with a fresh sight and self-integrity.

(Translated from Russian)

I found myself in a difficult  life situation where everything was mixed up: relocation to a new country in middle age with the necessity to start all over again and problems in my personal relationship. I felt as if I was losing my inner strength, did not know whether to go forward or backwards in my life. Svetlana suggested to work with me. I am a Medical Doctor myself and I was very sceptical about the method which Svetlana offered. However, already after the first session I felt myself better and more confident and was able to look at my situation from a different angle. In essence, thanks to this therapy I was able to rescue and keep my relationship, which was falling apart. I found the strength in myself to keep going forward. As an MD I am used to looking differently at the principles of a person’s treatment, thinking that psychological problems are not important and can be over emphasised… until I found myself in the state when conventional medicine could not help me.

Я оказалась в сложной жизненной ситуации, в которой смешалось все – переезд в другую страну в уже достаточно зрелом возрасте с необходимостью начать все сначала, проблемы в личных отношениях. Мне казалось, что я теряю свой внутренний стержень, не знала куда мне стремиться – вперед или назад. Светлана предложила со мной позаниматься.
Я сама врач, поэтому изначально скептически относилась к методике, которую предлагала Светлана. Однако уже после первого занятия я почувствовала себя лучше и уверенне, смогла по-другому взглянуть на ситуацию и на мое место в ней. По сути, благодаря данной терапии я смогла на тот момент сохранить отношения, которые разваливались, и найти в себе силы двигаться дальше. Как врач, я привыкла по другому смотреть на принципы лечения, считая психологические проблемы надуманными… Пока сама не оказалась в таком состоянии, когда традиционная медицина не могла помочь.

Е., Бельгия

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